Our Products

quality is life, customer satisfaction is our driving force

The Brand For Our Products

a strong technical support team, let our company maintain continuous technological innovation, constantly innovating

Our Factory

new plant area, new equipment, new production concept, for which we introduced Lean 6S management and strive for product quality

Sales Network

stable product quality has enabled us to continue to the present, and has always had a good reputation among our customers

About Us
浙江可得電子科技有限公司成立于2014年,是一家集研發、生產和銷售汽車電子產品為一體的現代高新技術企業,90%產品出口到世界各地,贏得國內外客戶的高度好評。 科德位于中國浙江瑞安,擁有優良的地理位置和方便的交通。
占地5000多平方米,擁有100名員工,并且擁有一支有技術有經驗的電子產品工程師。 科德擁有兩個電子生產車間,一個獨立的模具研發部門和六條生產組裝線,引進很多先進的生產加工設備
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